Chemical User Basic



Apply chemicals under supervision

Assessment Description

Written assessment for all units of competency

Who should attend

All persons who will apply chemicals under direct supervision & are not required to be in charge of storage or mixing


Course Type

Short Course

Group Size

4 to 8

Course Aims

To meet the requirements for persons applying chemicals under supervision as required in the legislation.

Course Size

1 x 6.5 hours



Course Content

  • Transport, handle & store chemicals according to instructions & legislative requirements;
  • Complete chemical records;
  • Follow instructions to empty & clean equipment & containers according to directions;
  • Apply chemicals;
  • Use application & personal protective equipment;
  • Follow instructions to check & maintain application & personal protective equipment;
  • Follow chemical handling & storage rules;
  • Recognise risks associated with chemicals;
  • Follow workplace requirements & instructions concerning chemicals.