Chainsaw – Fell small trees



Fell small trees

Assessment Description

Written assessment and practical observation

Who should attend

Persons working in the areas of Arboriculture, Agriculture & Horticulture where from time to time they are required to fell small trees


Course Type

Short Course

Group Size

4 to 8

Course Aims

To train staff who operate chainsaws in the correct & effective operation ensuring awareness of safety & basic maintenance issues.

Course Size

1 x 6.5 hours, 1 x 3.5 hours


AHCMOM213 Operate & Maintain Chainsaws

Course Content

The course requires the felling of small trees in an environment where there are only low risk hazards. It covers the assessment of conditions & surroundings in the area where the tree is to be felled. The course covers also the clean-up of the area & following of safe working procedures. The felling is performed under strict supervision. The course also covers aspects & theory regarding team felling. Competency will be demonstrated during the course & some theoretical work