Continuous Improvement



Implement continuous improvement

Assessment Description

Written assessment, including case studies

Who should attend

All supervisors & frontline managers who have responsibility for implementing the continuous improvement process to achieve organisational objectives


Course Type

Short Course

Group Size

8 to 15

Course Aims

To provide frontline managers with the skills & knowledge they need to work with their team to identify opportunities for improvement & implement continuous improvement opportunities in a systematic way to meet organisational policies & procedures

Course Size

2 x 6 hours



Course Content

Topic 1: Implement continuous improvement systems & processes

  • Implement systems that actively encourage individuals & teams to participate in decision making, assume responsibility & exercise initiative
  • Inform individuals & teams about the organisations CI processes
  • Provide mentoring & coaching to assist the implementation of CI
Topic 2: Monitor & review performance
  • Monitor & review progress & identify ways to improve planning & progress through use of organisation’s systems & technology
  • Improve customer service using CI
  • Make recommendations for adjustments to persons involved in development & implementation
Topic 3: Provide opportunities for further improvement
  • Inform team of savings & productivity/service improvements of CI actions through implemented communication processes
  • Document work performance to aid the identification of further opportunity for improvements