Food Handling – Level 2



Participate in safe food handling practices

Assessment Description

Written assessment, including case studies

Who should attend

Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, staff who are responsible for the implementation of Food Safety. Expires in 5 years if qualification is required for a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).


Course Type

Short Course

Group Size

8 to 15

Course Aims

This is the unit of competency for people to qualify as a Food Safety Supervisor as required by the NSW Food Authority. This unit ensures that students:

  • Understand that food is nationally legislated by Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991
  • Have knowledge of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, developed by the aforementioned authority
  • The unit complies with the Legislative requirements for food safety & safe food handling practices as outlined in the code
  • Are aware of the legislative requirements for a business to comply with the national standard for food safety practices¬†& that training & certification requirements differ between states & territories.

Course Size

1 x 6 hours


SITXFSA101 Use hygienic practices for food safety

Course Content

  • Implement procedures for food safety
  • Store food safely
  • Prepare food safely
  • Provide safe single use items
  • Maintain a clean environment
  • Dispose of food safely