Leadership in the Workplace



Show leadership in the workplace

Assessment Description

Written assessment, including case studies

Who should attend

All staff or operational persons who are making the transition from being a team member, to taking responsibility for the work & performance of others


Course Type

Short Course

Group Size

8 to 15

Course Aims

To provide frontline managers with the skills & knowledge they need to work with teams & individual & demonstrate their standard of conduct & the initiative they take in influencing others

Course Size

2 x 6 hours



Course Content

Topic 1: Model high standards of management performance & behaviour

  • Ensure management performance & behaviour meet organisation’s requirements & serves as a positive role model for others
  • Develop & implement performance plans & establish & use key performance indicators to meet organisational goals
Topic 2: Enhance organisation’s image
  • Understand & use organisation’s standards & values in conducting business & question through established communication channels standards & values considered to be damaging to the organisation
  • Ensure personal performance contributes to an organisation which ahs integrity & credibility
Topic 3: Make informed decisions
  • Gather & organise information
  • Facilitate individuals & teams active participation in decision making
  • Examine options & assess associated risks to determine preferred courses of action
  • Ensure decisions are timely & communicate them clearly
  • Prepare plans to implement decisions & ensure they are agreed to by individuals & teams
  • Use feedback processes effectively to monitor implementation