WHS Risk Management for Supervisors & Managers (Level 1)



Maintain workplace safety

Assessment Description

Written assessment including case studies, classroom observation

Who should attend

All persons with supervisory responsibilities to implement & monitor the organisation’s OHS policies, procedures & programs in a small team to meet legislative requirements. Employer best practice.


Course Type

Short Course

Group Size

8 to 15

Course Aims

This course provides Supervisors / Frontline Managers with an understanding of OHS principles & an understanding of implementation of OHS practices to meet organisational & legislative requirements

Course Size

1 x 6 hours



Course Content

  • Assist with incorporating of WHS policy & procedures into the work team processes
  • Use WHS legislation to meet health and safety requirements of work team
  • Assist in providing clear information to the work team about organisational WHS policies, procedures and legislative requirements
  • Assist in providing clear information to the work team about identifying hazards and outcomes of risk assessment Support participative arrangements for the managing WHS
  • Implement & monitor organisational consultative procedures
  • Deal promptly with issues raised during consultation
  • Encourage team members to contribute to management of WHS
  • Engage team members to suggest improvements in the management of WHS Support organisation’s procedures for providing WHS training
  • Provide advice on WHS training needs
  • Provide advice on development of workgroup’s competencies in WHS
  • Provide coaching & mentoring assistance to team members Participate in identifying hazards & assessing & controlling risk for the work area
  • Provide advice on hazards in the work area
  • Support implementation of risk control procedures
  • Identify & report inadequacies in existing risk control measures in regard to the hierarchy of controls
  • Complete & maintain WHS records in accordance with WHS legislation & regulation